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How To Report Channels That Do Not Work?

IPTV Premium Only

How To Report A Channel Problem On IPTV Premium Service

If users are having problems with channels like No Sound, No Picture, Its Down or Wrong Channel then users can report those channels to us and we will get these channels fixed for you. If you are having buffering problems please select Its Down. We will get these problems fixed as soon as possible. 


1: Go To https://anetwork.tvip.xyz

2: Log In with your IPTV Dashboard Username and Password that been send by email, when users order the IPTV Premium they will get a email with Dashboard Username & Password / Check Spam/Junk Folder

  [NOT Your A-Network Account Login]  [If You Can Not Find It Click On Forget My Password In The IPTV Dashboard From Step 1]

3: Once Logged In On The Left Side You Will See A Bar With Icons

4: Click On The TV Play Icon Called Channels

5: Now In The Box Type In The Name Of The Channel You Would Like To Report Not Working. Hit Enter or the Search to start the channel search

6: Now click on the channel in the list, and select what problems you are having with this channel

7: Once you selected the problem click on Submit





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