Rust Server - [CA] PVE|PVP|Raidable Bases


Server Information - How To Connect Information ! - This  Is For [CA] PVE|PVP|Raidable Bases Rust  Server Only

Server Information:

Welcome To The [CA] PVE|PVP|Raidable Bases Rust Server

Everyone Is Welcome To Join, Our Server Is Powerful And Loaded With Lots Of Great Plugins For All Players To Enjoy. Our Server Is Also Perfect For New Players To Rust To Learn How To Play The Game. Just Please Be Nice To Everyone And Just Have Fun 


 Server Location: Canada

Server Online: 24/7 

 Max Players: 200

 Map Size: 6000 Large 

 View Live Map: 

 Backpack: Enabled Use /backpack In Chat 

 Server Decay: Disabled 

 Server Wipes: Disabled 

 Server Backups: Enabled

 Voice Chat: Enabled 


Custom Plugins: 

New Players Starter Kit Included Type /kit 

- Secured Backpacks 

- Teleporting 

- Map Marker 

- Shops 

- Custom Loot 

- Personal Vehicles 

- Events 

- Custom Skins 

- Clans 

- Custom Levels 

- Rewards Store 

- XP Rewards 

- Gathering Rewards 

- Kits 

- Server Raidable Bases 

- Quests 

- Custom Signs 

- Automated Events 

- Better Electricity 

- Blueprint Sharing 

- Player Bountys 

- Movable Cameras 

- Voice Chat UI 

- Trading 

- Pets 


 Main Website:

 Our Discord:

How To Connect To This Server !


  1. Open Rust Game
  2. Press F1 On Keyboard At Menu Screen Of Rust
  3. In The Box Type client.connect
  4. Hit Enter On Keyboard
  5. Connecting And Enjoy

(Players Can Also Use The In Game Search For A-Network To Find Our Servers)

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  Server Information - How To Connect Information ! - This  Is For Rust  Server...