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How To Connect To Our Rust Server?

Join Our Server Today, No Blueprint Wipes, Play Normal Rust With Mods That Help Players A Little Bit, Have Fun With Your Friends.


Map Wipe: Yes (Every 60 Days)

Blueprint Wipe: No


Server Mode: Normal Rust (PVP,PVE)

Max Players: 500 Players

Map: Procedural Map

Map Size: 6,000

Online: 24/7 (Server Restart @ 4AM EST)

Plugins Enabled: Yes

Raid Allowed: Yes

Decay Enable & Time: Yes / Slower Than Normal

nRust+ App Enabled: Yes

Backpack: Yes

Player Bounty: Yes

Team Clans: Yes

Economics: Yes

Gather Rewards: Yes

Server Rewards: Yes

Hotels: Yes

Kits Shop: Yes

Lottery System: Yes

Movable CCTV: Yes

Player Pets: Yes

Better Electricity: Yes

Player Trade System: Yes

Server Backups "Amount Of Backups": Yes "30"



Server Hardware: 


CPU: 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6130T 16C/32T @ 3.70GHz (32C/64T)

RAM: 256GB DDR4 2666MHz Memory

HD#1: 2TB M.2 Solid State Drive

HD#2: 2TB M.2 Solid State Drive (Backup Clone Of #1 HD)

GPU: ASUS Strix RTX 3090 24GB GDDR6 (edited)


How To Connect:


Option 1:

1. Open Rust

2. Click Play Game

3. In 'Search Servers..' Enter A-Network.ca

4. Check 'Show Full' & 'Show Empty'

5. Click On A-Network.ca | CANADA Rust Server 



In-Game Rewards: ((You Can Vote Everyday To Get Rewards Everyday)


If You Would Like To Help Us Out And Get In-Game Rewards Vote For Our Rust Server Today, Login To Our Rust Server And Type  /vote  in chat to Redeem Your Reward


LINK: https://rust-servers.net/server/165137/vote/




Main Website: http://rust.a-network.ca


Server Information: https://rust-servers.net/server/165137/


ServerArmour: https://io.serverarmour.com/my-servers


Discord Server: https://discord.gg/cwg6Gk38eJ

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