Our Rules

All Users Must Follow Our Rules !

  • 1 Emby/Plex/Jellyfin Account Can Only Connect To 4 Devices & Stream 4 Streams At The Same Time [User May Purchase More Devices/Connections]
  • No Reselling Our Emby/Jellyfin/Plex Service
  • No Sharing Accounts
  • No Linking Account To Device And Afterwards Selling It
  • IP Address Must Match Our Records [Location]
  • No VPN Connection When Streaming
  • No Connecting From Cloud Servers, Server Hosting
  • If You Have Log In Problems With Emby Create Ticket Under "Add New Emby Device"
  • Sign Up For IPTV Trial Before Buying It
  • No Refunds On Our Service No Matter The Issue 
  • Trials Are One Per Client [If We Notice Users Ordering More Then One Trial They Will Be Banned]
  • All IPTV Guides Can Be Found Here: https://a-network.ca/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/265/IPTV-Setup.html

Users Who Breaks Our Rules Will Get A Permitted IP Banned Followed By Account Removal On Facebook, Website & All Servers !


Users that are found reporting us will be account banned, email banned, ip banned on all our servers !

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