-PS4 Playground, -HEN Install (5.05), -HEN Install (6.72), -Mira Install (6.72), -HEN Install (6.72), -X-Project Payload (5.05), -Linux Loader/Installer, -Disable PS4 System Updates, -HEN Install,

**All Links Must Be Run On A PlayStation 4 System Running Firmware 1.76/5.05/6.72, Any Other Versions Will Not Work**


What Is PS4 HEN? PS4 HEN Is A Custom Firmware For Fat,Slim,Pro Sony PlayStation 4 Game Systems. This Will Allow Users To Play PS3, PS2, PSX Games Downloaded From Internet In ISO Format

PS4 Firmware Supported: 1.76 / 5.05 / 6.72

Standard Online/Local Host HEN Setup Instructions


1) Open Web Browser On PS4

2) Go To This Website To This Page

3) Click On "HEN Install"

4) Wait For Message Welcome To HEN

2) Open Settings

3) Check At The Bottem Of The List If You Have Debug Option

4) Bookmark This Website To Enable HEN On PS4 Web Browser

5) Everytime You Boot Run HEN Install To Enable HEN

If The System Has Been Restarted To Enable The Mod You Must Run Install HEN To Enable HEN On Your PS4 / PLAYSTATION NETWORK WILL NOT WORK SO NO ONLINE