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Green VOD Web App
Emby [Green VOD]
Purple VOD Web App
Jellyfin [Purple VOD]
LibreSonic [Music]
This is our new music server, this is a trial as we are testing the system right now and giving all users free access to high quality music.[Username: demo Password: demo]
Premium IPTV Dashboard
Premium IPTV Dashboard is where users can download m3u url, epg url and even setup mag devices. [Your Premium IPTV Dashboard]
Request Media
Request Media to show up on our Emby [Green VOD] or Jellyfin [Purple VOD] Servers. It may take up to 2 days before the media to show up on our server.
Request Media Discord Bot
Request Media Discord Bot is a chatbot used to request media via the use of chat!
New Media Alerts
View alerts in discord about any new movies or tv series that have been added to Emby [Green VOD] and Jellyfin [Purple VOD]
SyncLounge (Previously PlexTogether) is a tool to sync Plex content across multiple players in multiple locations.
GitHub brings together the world's largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software.
Discord [Information]
View our discord server for updates, news and status on our services.
Play games in your web browser free
Retro Emulator
Play your retro classic game systems like nes, snes, n64, sega system and more right in your web browser. Now downloading needed and its free
Premium IPTV Report Channel
Premium IPTV users can report any live tv channels that do not work right from the IPTV dashboard.
Order Service
Order Emby [Green VOD], Jellyfin [Purple VOD] or Premium IPTV right from are website.
Create Support Ticket
Create A Support Ticket On A-Network Website To Get Support With Our Services
A-Network Client Dashboard
A-Network Home Website Client Dashboard [Your A-Network Account]
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